How to Discuss Loyalty with a Candidate


Loyalty is one of the most important traits you can find in a candidate because it’s impossible to get ahead if you’re constantly filling the same open positions. Known for their devotion, the baby boom generation was perfectly happy to stay with the same company for most or all of their career, but millennials don’t work that way. If this young generation isn’t fully satisfied at work, they’ll leave.

In fact, a  survey conducted by Deloitte revealed two in three millennials are expected to leave their jobs by 2020. Consequently, assessing a candidate’s loyalty during the interview process is a must.

4 Ways to Evaluate a Candidate’s Loyalty

Ask Why They Left Previous Jobs

A candidate’s resume reveals a snapshot of their employment history, but doesn’t tell the whole story. When you come across someone who has the skills and experience you’re looking for, find out why they left their past few jobs to gauge their level of loyalty. For example, a candidate might’ve had three jobs in the past two years, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn two of those departures were layoffs.

Question Why They’re Interested in the Position

It’s important to hire a candidate who wants the job for all the right reasons, so find out what inspired them to apply. Anyone who reveals a keen interest in your company and the job itself — and an impressive amount of knowledge about your organization to back it up — would likely be a great choice.

On the other hand, someone who can’t explain why they want the job is probably only interested in the paycheck. This type of person will flee as soon as something better comes along.

Gauge Their Cultural Fit

If a candidate isn’t a good fit for your culture, they won’t last very long in the job. Find out about their personal values to see how they align with those of the company. Take it a step further by highlighting the main beliefs and behaviors that guide your organization, so they know exactly what they’re walking into. There’s no sure way to know if an employee will fit into your culture, but getting on the same page increases the odds.

Find out Where They Want to Be in Five Years

Learning about a candidate’s future plans is a savvy way to uncover their reasons for wanting to join your team. If they hope to be in a job similar to the one you’re trying to fill, they probably intend to stick with your company. However, if their plans have nothing to do with your organization or industry, this is a red flag you can’t ignore.

Choosing candidates that will be loyal to your company is a must, but this is often easier said than done. As hiring experts, Barrington Staffing is skilled at finding devoted professionals who want to be with your company for the long haul. Join forces with us to connect with Los Angeles or Ventura County talent excited to make your company part of their future plans!

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