3 Tips on How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation


In life, your reputation is everything, and in today’s tech-savvy world, that includes your online presence. When was that last time you typed your name into a search engine to see what shows up? If it’s been a while, it’s time to take a look. Potential employers will conduct a thorough check to learn more about you, so make sure you’re one step ahead of them.

3 Ways to Clean Up Your Online Presence

Not quite sure how to start polishing your online persona? Use these three tips to make your results appear completely professional:

  1. Create Privacy Settings. If you don’t already have privacy settings on your social media accounts, it’s time to enable them. Potential employers do not need to see pictures from your last vacation or be privy to your political rants, so put anything even remotely personal on lockdown. Facebook allows you to pick and choose the audience that sees each piece of content you post, while you must fully opt in or out of public sharing on Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Think Before You Post. Everything in your life isn’t appropriate for the Internet. Before posting anything publically, consider how you would feel if it was seen by your boss. If the thought makes you shudder, phone a friend to relay the comment or write it in your journal. All it takes is one tasteless remark to convince a hiring manager you aren’t the right fit for the company.
  3. Push Negative Results Down. There are few things more frustrating than not having access to take down a less-than-flattering story or image with your name on it. Fear not if you’re stuck in this dilemma, as it’s typically quite easy to push older content down in search results. This can be achieved through countless avenues, including purchasing your domain name and creating a personal website, commenting on news articles and creating profiles on other sites, including social media platforms you don’t already have a presence on.

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