Does Your Resume Represent You Well?


In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to submit one general resume to every position you’re applying for, but things have changed. If you want to gain a competitive advantage these days, you’ll need to custom fit your resume to every opportunity you’re interested in.

This approach may seem daunting, but it’s definitely worth the hassle. Going the extra mile to demonstrate your interest in the job shows the hiring manager that you’re a serious candidate, increasing your chances of being invited to interview for the position.

3 Reasons to Write a Customized Resume

Still not convinced the generic resume is hurting your chances of finding work? Learn three ways customization can help you get ahead:

  1. Make Your Interest Clear: Hiring managers take the time to write unique job descriptions for each open position, so it’s really discouraging to receive a pile of generic resumes that could be applicable for any opportunity. Make your resume stand out from the crowd by clearly tailoring it for the exact position. This extra effort will certainly be noticed by the person reading it, and they’ll take your application more seriously.
  2. Sell Yourself: No two jobs are the same, so a generic resume cannot effectively convey why you’re the best choice. When you tailor the document for each individual position, you can use specific examples to explain why you’re the most qualified candidate. Why submit a resume that tells a broad story of your skills and experience when you can concentrate solely on what the hiring manager wants to hear?
  3. Add Important Keywords: Many companies use software to scan resumes for relevant keywords. You can identify these terms by closely reviewing the job description and looking for words that are used frequently throughout the text. If your resume doesn’t contain a high enough percentage of these terms, you’ll be disqualified before the hiring manager ever has a chance to review your application. Writing a custom resume allows you to work these keywords into your copy in a manner that flows naturally, rather than simply trying to stuff them into random sentences.

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