Are You Struggling to Find Administrative Talent?


Administrative professionals are crucial to the success of your company, so you can’t hire just anyone. The wrong person for the job can disrupt the flow of your organization and turn clients away. You’re aware of this, but you needed to hire someone yesterday. Since it’s hard to run a business without administrative talent, you’re feeling stuck because you want to find the best candidate, but you’re in a major time crunch.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this problem. Simply join forces with a specialized staffing firm that can deliver the talent you need in a pinch.

3 Reasons to Recruit Administrative Talent With a Staffing Partner

Gain Access to Top Talent

If you post an administrative opening on a job board, you’ll get plenty of responses, but not necessarily from the right people. Recruiters that specialize in administrative placements already have connections with top talent. Most are currently employed, so they aren’t browsing job boards; however, they’re willing to consider interesting opportunities. Without the help of a staffing professional, you probably won’t have the chance to connect with these people, so don’t miss out.

Find the Right Fit

A great administrative professional has the skills needed to do the job and a personality that perfectly aligns with your company culture. Specialized recruiters understand this, and they’ll fully vet each candidate to make sure they’re an all-round fit. Attempting to this on your own might work, but since you’re not a staffing professional, something could easily slip your radar.

Give Candidates a Trial Run

Even with a thorough screening process, there’s no sure way to know how an administrative professional will handle the job until they’re doing it. When you partner with a staffing firm, you’re able to test your top contender on a temporary-to-hire basis, so there’s no pressure if things don’t work out.

Finding top administrative talent isn’t easy, but Barrington Staffing knows just where to look. Team up with us to find the best and brightest professionals to fill key administrative roles at your Los Angeles or Ventura County company. Let’s get started today!


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