Critical Skills: Time Management


It’s an important skill for everyone, but excellent time management is especially crucial for administrative professionals. This multifaceted job comes with a wide variety of responsibilities, and managing time wisely is the only way to ensure everything is accomplished by the end of the day.

Find out why good time management is a must for administrative talent.

Increased Efficiency

When employees don’t watch the clock, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a task and spend much more time on it than intended. Due to the nature of the job, administrative professionals always have a lot on their plate, so dedicating an exorbitant amount of time to one project means other items have to be completed in haste or past their deadlines.

On the other hand, those with outstanding time-management skills can accomplish more, because they pace themselves. Since they don’t have to rush through assignments, their work is also higher quality.

Lower Levels of Stress

Constantly rushing to meet deadlines is grating on the nerves. If an administrative professional is always working to complete assignments at the 11th hour, they’re going to be tense, anxious and in a constant state of panic. This can make the person difficult to work with, along with having a negative impact both their health and level of job satisfaction.

Make Better Decisions

Choices made in haste don’t usually turn out to be the best move. However, this is the standard for employees with poor time management skills, because they’re always sprinting through the finish line. They don’t have the capacity to put a lot of time and effort into assignments, because they’re constantly scurrying to complete everything at the last second.

Keep the Rest of the Team on Track

Administrative professionals keep the company running smoothly. Whether they’re maintaining your calendar, booking travel or helping prepare for a big meeting, you need them to be on the ball. If they’re lagging behind, chaos can ensue, because the team relies on them to be the point person that keeps everything together.

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