Is Micromanagement Holding Your Team Back?


Being micromanaged is more than just a slight annoyance. If you have your team on an exceptionally short leash, morale probably isn’t great because people don’t enjoy feeling like they can’t do anything right.

If people haven’t stopped trying to please you yet, they will soon, and productivity will plummet. When you think about it, you can’t really blame them. It’s impossible for them to stay motivated at work when everything they do is criticized.

As the boss, you feel constant pressure to succeed, but micromanaging your staff won’t get you very far. Your team is filled with talented people who want to succeed, so allow them to do their jobs their own way.

5 Signs You’re a Micromanager

  1. You Keep Close Tabs on Everyone

Nothing gets past you. At every point in the day, you know exactly where your employees are and what they’re working on, because you require them to check in constantly. If anyone dares leave their desk without your permission, they must deal with your wrath upon their return.

  1. It’s Your Way or the Highway

All managers assign work, but you take it a step further by telling employees exactly how to complete the task, because you always know best. Even if staffers wanted to defy you, they can’t, because you hover over them to make sure they’re following your exact orders.

  1. You Don’t Like to Delegate

You’re always swamped with a mountain of work, because delegating isn’t your style. Retaining control is important to you, and you can’t achieve this if your tasks are divided up and conquered by your staff. Even on the rare occasion when you do delegate, it doesn’t save you any time, because you go back and change everything to your liking.

  1. Employees Avoid You at All Costs

It’s a bit surprising to you, but your employees don’t seem to like you. They’re tense around you and all display the same deer-in-headlights look when you say their name. Some of your more popular managerial peers regularly receive lunch and happy hour invites from their teams, but not you.

  1. You Have to Sign Off on Everything

Employees don’t dare submit any work without your approval. Even the smallest, most insignificant tasks have to cross your desk first, so you can make all necessary changes. This causes you to miss a lot of deadlines, but you like to be very hands-on.

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