Should You Hire Someone Because They Interview Well?


Some people are really great at job interviews. Unlike the majority of candidates, they thrive in the hot seat. They’re poised, professional and always know exactly what to say. On the surface, they seem like the obvious choice for the job, but sometimes their act is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

It’s important to realize that some people interview well, and others don’t. This has no impact on their ability to do the job, so dig deeper before crafting an offer letter.

Reading Between the Lines: 3 Ways to Tell If a Candidate Is Qualified

  1. Ask Unexpected Questions

Candidates who interview well are masters of anticipation. They know you’ll be asking questions like “What is your biggest weakness?” and “Why should we hire you?” so they’ll arrive ready to perform. If you want a response that’s truly telling, you need to catch them off-guard with something a little less predictable.

Questions like “Describe your preferred management style” and “Name your biggest accomplishment relative to this position” quickly reveal the person’s fit. No amount of smooth-talking can mask the wrong answer to a very specific inquiry.

  1. Administer a Skills Test

There’s no better way to gauge a candidate’s abilities than putting them to the test. If possible, give the person a test assignment to complete during the interview. For example, test an administrative professional’s typing skills to make sure they’re at the level needed to be successful in the role. This is a foolproof way to find out if the candidate is too good to be true.

  1. Perform a Reference Check

Some people have an incredible ability to talk themselves up, but how they’re described by others holds much more weight. Reference checks add extra time to the hiring process, but it’s very well spent. Talk to several of the candidate’s former bosses, colleagues, clients and other professional references to gather information on everything from their skills to their work ethic.

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