Strategies to Boost Retention of Your Top Performers


Every member of your team contributes to the success of your company, but your top performers lead the charge. Their brilliant ideas and impressive drive are what keeps your company moving forward. You’re always amazed with their output, and their presence inspires other employees to put their best foot forward.

You put a lot of stock in top talent, so you have to keep them happy. These people know their value, and if they’re not fully satisfied at your company, they know they’ll be welcomed with open arms by your competitors. Find out how to keep this from happening.

5 Ways to Boost Retention of Your Top Performers

If you’re tired of loosing top talent, use these tips to make your company a place they want to be for the long term.

Stop Micromanaging

Running a company is hard work, so it makes sense that you want to keep a tight grip on the reins, but you have to loosen up. You hired top performers because they can make an impact, so allow them to work their magic. Stop looking over their shoulders and dictating every last move, because you’re driving them away.

Make Room to Grow

Some people are content to stay in the same job forever, but the best and brightest professionals are on their way up the ladder. These people are always searching for their next big challenge, and if your company has nothing to offer, they’ll be forced to move on. If you don’t currently have a position for a top performer to move into, consider creating a new role.

Create a Positive Culture

No one enjoys working in a toxic environment. Since top talent has their choice of employers, they will jump ship if your company is a terrible place to work. Take an honest look at your culture and if it is highly negative or largely undefined, make it your goal to turn things around as quickly as possible.

Get to Know Them

From an employee’s prospective, having an elusive boss who barely knows your name doesn’t feel great. Take the time to get to know your entire team — especially your top performers. Spend time in their work area, host team lunches and throw a few annual off-site events where they can bring their families. When you take the time to bond with people, they feel valued, which is priceless.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Top talent isn’t solely driven by money, but the size of a person’s paycheck directly dictates their quality of life. Use sites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics to make sure you’re providing a fair compensation for both the type of work and your local area. If not, try to pull the funds together to ensure you’re providing a comfortable salary.

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