Encouraging Balance for Your Team


On the surface, it might seem like breaks reduce your daily productivity, but the exact opposite is true. Your team works hard all day and sometimes into the night. This takes a toll, so encouraging them to strike a healthy balance between work and play will actually make them more effective and efficient.

Instead of pressuring them to work through lunch or denying them a much-needed coffee break, urge them to step away from their desks for a mental break. Prepare to be amazed at what they can accomplish when their minds have a chance to recharge.

5 Benefits Realized From Breaks

Boost Productivity

Your staff is only human, and there are limits to the amount of work they can complete without losing steam. If you keep pushing them to tackle one more assignment without coming up for air, they’ll reach burnout sooner rather than later. Even a 10-minute break can clear their minds and allow them to come back feeling refreshed.

Make Better Decisions

It’s hard for employees to think rationally when they’re inundated with work. Without a chance to slow down and catch their breath for a minute, they’re likely to make poor decisions that won’t benefit anyone. Stepping away from the office for a break allows them to relax and return with a much more level-headed mindset.

Incite Creativity

The innovative work of your team gives your company a competitive edge, but creativity isn’t just churned out on demand. It’s difficult for a mind bogged down with work to come up with original ideas, so encouraging your employees to enjoy a work-life balance benefits everyone. Getting out of the office will open their mind to inspiration they’ll bring back and apply to their jobs.

Become a Better Listener

It’s hard for an exhausted mind to absorb new information. Even your best employees can only listen so much before their brain shuts down. Allowing breaks promotes learning, because people can acquire material in smaller segments that are easier to digest.

Increase the Quality of Work

Working nonstop is downright exhausting. If people feel comfortable taking breaks when they’re feeling tired, they’ll produce better-quality work. Mistakes happen when employees are overwhelmed by fatigue, so allowing them to rest up provides them with the fuel needed to produce the superior output you expect.

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