Don’t Let Your Team Fall Apart Due to Administrative Absence


You know your administrative professional is important, but you’ll never realize exactly how much they do until they’re out of the office. Even one day without them can turn your workplace into a state of mass chaos, so avoid the mayhem by bringing in a temporary administrative worker in the interim.

It doesn’t matter if you need someone to fill in for a day, week, month or more, your recruiter will help you find a skilled professional up to the challenge. Your temporary admin will arrive trained and ready to work, so all you’ll have to do is quickly show them the ropes.

3 Reasons to Hire a Temporary Administrative Professional When Yours is Out

Keep Things Running Smoothly

If you’ve ever gone a day without your administrative professional, you know how crazy things get in their absence. When you hire a temporary admin, they pick up right where your full-time employee left off. From answering phones to taking minutes in meetings, you can count on them to maintain order until your administrative professional is back to work.

Minimize Disruptions For the Team

When an employee is absent, some jobs can sit untouched, but an administrative position is not one of these. When the person at your front desk is out, the rest of the team is forced to step in and pick up the slack. Instead of doing their own jobs, they’re answering phones, greeting clients and handling other pertinent tasks. This means their own work is left to pile up, so they either have to stay late or do double work the next day. You won’t have to worry about this if you take on a temporary administrative worker, because they’ll cover all the bases.

Retain Client Confidence

It doesn’t sit well with clients when they call your company, and no one answers or if there’s no one present to greet them at the front desk. Your industry has a lot of competition, so it can take just one bad experience to turn a customer away for good. If you hire a temporary admin, this is a non-issue, because your clients will be in good hands until your employee returns.

Top administrative talent is hard to find, but crucial to the success of your company. At Barrington Staffing, we understand the importance of filling these crucial administrative positions with the best, and we’re here to help your company hire right. Contact us today to get started!


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