Does Your Team Have What They Need to Succeed?


If your administrative team is in a constant state of chaos, it’s time to establish order. Chances are, you don’t have a set of effective systems in place, which is likely the root cause of the constant confusion.

Give your administrative staff the stability they need to succeed by implementing a standard set of processes and procedures for the entire team to follow. Prepare to be surprised at what your employees can achieve when everyone works concurrently toward the same goal.

4 Steps to Implement Effective Systems at Your Company

Create a Set of Standards

Systems don’t work unless everyone follows them. Establish a set of uniform standards for your entire administrative team to follow. Get everyone on the same page by providing training and giving everyone a written copy of instructions to reference. Make people feel comfortable coming to you with any questions, because 100 percent cooperation is needed to get it right.

Seek Input From Your Administrative Team

Since they’re the people actually doing the work, ask your administrative staff to help create the standards. Their experience with the job will give them a unique prospective to offer feedback and ideas you would never think of on your own.

Monitor Effectiveness             

Establishing a system is a start, but its presence alone doesn’t mean it will make a difference. Keep a close watch on the outcome it’s supposed to have to make sure it’s serving the intended purpose. If possible, create a set of performance metrics to help you determine whether or not the processes are working as intended.

Make Adjustments as Needed

Don’t expect the system to be flawless from the start. Use feedback from your administrative team, your own observations and performance metrics — if you have them in place — to make changes for the better along the way. Getting started will likely be a process of trial and error, but after working out the kinks, you’ll realize a multitude of benefits.

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