Encouraging Innovation at Every Level


Many companies make the mistake of believing innovation always starts in the C-Suite, but it doesn’t work like that. The best leaders know it takes an entire staff of forward-thinkers to build and maintain a successful organization.

Every employee should be encouraged to find creative ways to improve their jobs — and the company as a whole — because this is how profits are earned. Success is a team initiative, so learn how to inspire your employees to achieve greatness.

4 Tips to Encourage Employee Innovation

  1. Empower People to Share Ideas

You hired a team of incredible people capable of coming up with some pretty amazing ideas. Create an environment where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and never made to feel embarrassed about an idea. Some people will have no problem speaking up, but those who are more self-conscious and shy might need a bit more coaxing. If possible, allow people to submit ideas both in person and via email because everyone is comfortable sharing in different ways.

  1. Make it Okay to Fail

If failure is a major faux pas at your company, people are going to stick to what they know. Get employees out of their comfort zones by making failure no big deal. Some ideas will yield tremendously successful results, while others will fall flat, but they’re all valuable learning opportunities.

  1. Encourage Side Projects

Many people on your staff probably have great ideas for projects brewing in the backs of their minds, but never have the time to work on them during off-hours. Bring these innovations to fruition by allotting a certain amount of time per month for passion projects. Staffers will be grateful for the opportunity to test their ideas out, and your company will get to reap the benefits.

  1. Be Transparent With Your Team

It’s hard to get excited about a company where you’re constantly left in the dark. Make your employees feel like part of the team by keeping them in the loop. When staffers know they’re part of something bigger than themselves, they’re inspired to make their mark. If you show people respect, they’ll pay you back by wanting to add value to the team.

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