Recruiting in the California Economy


Back in May 2012, the California unemployment rate was a sky-high 12.1 percent. The economy was in a state of disarray, but the silver lining was the availability of top talent. As an employer, you had your pick of extremely qualified professionals eager to secure jobs far beneath their skill level. Now that the economy has picked up, things have changed.

The unemployment rate has been steadily falling for years, but in February 2017, it dropped to a 10-year low of 5 percent. This is fantastic news for the country, and your business, as a thriving economy means higher revenues. The only drawback is the newfound hiring challenges. Finding top talent in a flourishing market can be much more difficult, so you need to call in the experts.

3 Benefits of Partnering With a Local, Specialized Recruiter

  1. Find Candidates of a Higher Caliber

Local recruiters who specialize in your field earn their living recruiting candidates. These professionals have their fingers on the pulse of everything impacting your industry, including the best local players. Typically, these contenders are currently employed, but willing to consider a new venture if it’s a good fit. You won’t find these passive candidates on your own, so you need a talented local recruiter to serve as your intermediary.

  1. Secure a Strong Cultural Fit

It’s always exciting to receive a resume from a candidate who seems perfect. However, being a good fit on paper doesn’t mean the person will actually mesh with your team. As hiring experts, local recruiters know the questions to ask and behaviors to note that indicate how well a candidate will mix with your company culture. This helps you hire right the first time so you’re not back at your starting point in a few months when a poor cultural fit doesn’t work out.

  1. Fill Open Positions Faster

At best, the hiring process can take weeks, but often spans several months. It’s hard to balance these tasks with your regular job; however, this isn’t an issue when you’re working with a local recruiter. They’ll post the job, review resumes and screen candidates, so you only meet with top contenders and choose your favorite. You can have the position filled in a matter of days, allowing your team to be operating at full speed again in no time at all.

The unemployment rate is dropping, but that doesn’t mean the quality of your new hires should tumble with it. Locally owned, Barrington Staffing has the Los Angeles and Ventura County connections to help you hire right every time. Contact us today to fill your temporary, temporary-to-staff and direct hire roles with the best!


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